Petty Spites




released June 21, 2017

Produced by Eric Rosenfeld and Charel Stoltz.
Written by Eric Rosenfeld and performed by The Cutting Word.
Guitar, bass and vocals by Eric Rosenfeld.
Drums by Ben Clement.
Recorded May 6, 2017 by Charel Stoltz at Holtz Sound.
Mixed and mastered by Charel Stoltz.
Artwork by Alessia Gisondi, Eric Rosenfeld and Kim Schreiner.



all rights reserved


Noiseworks Records Luxembourg

Noiseworks Records was founded and established in 1989/1990 by Karsten Zinsik, in Chemnitz, Germany. The beginning of a new era for noisy music in the east of Germany.

In 2013 the Trademark of noisy music will be rehabilitated and revived in collaboration with a new face: Giordano Bruno, founder of G Chord Records, 'Versus You' Bass Player and former CEO and creator of Winged Skull Records.
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Track Name: Petty Spites
Private rooms and long beds.
Open wounds and cracked heads.
Patient rounds and debates.
Piercing sounds of pure hate.
Forsake me.
Long-term detention.
Betray me with the best intentions.
Wheel me into a new dimension.
I’m floating around and around.
I bite and spit.
Can’t hide, can’t sit.
Hold still, hold my breath.
No free will, only death.
Track Name: Glum Jokes
With your heart in your mouth
you lose your head in the clouds.
You turn a blind eye
to the hatred and lies.
Nobody ever told you why.
You know that no love’s lost.
You feel like a holocaust.
You lose your sense of touch.
You’re off but not by much.
Do you remember where to cut?
No more hiding.
You wanted everything in writing.
You shake off your skin.
Your patience’s wearing thin.
You forgot to regret
what you’re trying to forget.
You just don’t know it yet.
You don’t know why you can never remember
to see through the eyes of someone who surrendered.